Information Behavior & Culture Edgar Schein, Thomas Davenport, Chuck Martin, Daniel Tobin, James McGee, Geoffrey James, James Martin information behavior, knowledge-enabled organization, behavior culture, technological seduction, cultural transformation, behavior change  

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Information Behavior & Culture

  • If technology is not the answer, what is the question?"

    Edgar Schein, Thomas Davenport, Chuck Martin, Daniel Tobin, James McGee, Geoffrey James, James Martin

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    technological seduction
    cultural transformation
    behavior change
    how information
    information politics
    learning group
    digital management
    two cultures
    net future
    information behavior culture
    organizational learning
    electronic elite
    information ecology
    information strategically
    culture leadership
    changing how
    changing how information
    models information
    models information politics
    change technological
    change technological seduction
    encouraging good
    good information
    encouraging good information
    good information behavior
    getting behavior
    getting behavior change
    employee responsibilities
    responsibilities knowledge-enabled
    employee responsibilities knowledge-enabled
    responsibilities knowledge-enabled organization
    employee organizational
    employee organizational learning
    organizational learning group
    new laws
    laws digital
    new laws digital
    laws digital management
    information environment
    information architectures
    The Internet Economy
    Information Behavior & Culture
    Core competencies
    Developing a web site
    E-commerce strategy
    Global competition
    Industry change
    Intellectual property
    Leveraging networks
    Mass customization
    Transaction processing
    Web business models
    Web pricing and auctions

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    Changing How Information Is Used
    "Consequently, when we manage information behavior, we're attempting to improve the overall effectiveness of an organization's information environment through concerted action."
    From: Information Ecology; Thomas Davenport; 1997 Oxford University Press

    Change Through Technological Seduction
    "Technological seduction involves the deliberate, managed introduction of specific technologies for the sake of seducing organization members into new behavior."
    From: Organizational Culture and Leadership; Edgar Schein; 1997 Jossey-Bass

    Encouraging Good Information Behavior
    "I've found there are three critical types of information behavior that improve a company's information environment: sharing, handling overload, and dealing with multiple meanings."
    From: Information Ecology; Thomas Davenport; 1997 Oxford University Press

    Getting Behavior to Change
    "Behavior change is rarely an objective of information architectures."
    From: Information Ecology; Thomas Davenport; 1997 Oxford University Press

    Employee Responsibilities in the Knowledge-Enabled Organization
    "In a knowledge-enabled organization, all employees are responsible for their own learning; they also contribute their own knowledge to help meet the learning needs of other employees."
    From: The Knowledge-Enabled Organization; Daniel Tobin; 1998 Amacom

    The Employee and Organizational Learning Group
    "In the knowledge-enabled organization, only the employee and her manager can determine what is to be learned to improve individual and organizational performance."
    From: The Knowledge-Enabled Organization; Daniel Tobin; 1998 Amacom

    The New Laws of Digital Management
    "Companies that adopted groupware during the 1990s developed some skills and habits that will be enhanced and expanded in the Net Future as organizations move to corporate intranets."
    From: Net Future; Chuck Martin; 1999 McGraw Hill Professional Book Group

    Two Cultures
    "To old-style executive in chandeliered dining rooms the world of cyberspace might as well be a different planet."
    From: Cybercorp; James Martin; 1996 Amacom

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    The Internet Economy
    Book Summaries

    Advertising on the Internet | Robbin Zeff, Brad Aronson|1999
    The Age of E-Tail Conquering the New World of Electronic Shopping | Alex Birch, Philipp Gerbert, Dirk Schneider|2000
    Asian Advantage Key Strategies for Winning in the Asia-Pacific Region | George Yip|2000
    Blueprint to the Digital Economy Creating Wealth in the Era of E-Business | Don Tapscott, Alex Lowy, David Ticoll|1998
    The Borderless World Power and Strategy in the Interlinked Economy | Kenichi Ohmae|1999
    Building Database-Driven Web Catalogs | Sharif Danish, Patrick Gannon|1998
    Business the Way Secrets of the World's Most Astonishing Web Business | Rebecca Saunders|1999
    The Clickable Corporation Successful Strategies for Capturing the Internet Advantage | Jonathan Rosenoer, Douglas Armstrong, Russell Gates|1999
    Clicking Through A Survival Guide for Bringing Your Company Online | Jonathan Ezor|2000
    Clicks and Mortar Passion Driven Growth in an Internet Driven World | David Pottruck, Terry Pearce|2000
    The Cluetrain Manifesto The End of Business as Usual | Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger|1999
    Communities of Commerce Building Internet Business Communities to Accelerate Growth, Minimize Risk, and Increase Customer Loyalty | Stacey Bressler, Charles Grantham|2000
    Competing on Internet Time Lessons from Netscape and Its Battle with Microsoft | Michael Cusumano, David Yoffie|1998
    The Corporate Intranet Harness the Power of the Next-Generation Intranet | Ryan Bernard|1998
    Cyber Rules Strategies for Excelling at E-Business | Thomas Siebel, with Pat House|1999
    Cyberstrategy Business Strategy for Extranets, Intranets and the Internet | Pauline Bickerton, Matthew Bickerton, Kate Simpson-Holley|1998
    Cybertalk That Sells | Herschell Gordon Lewis, Jamie Murphy|1998
    Digital Capital Harnessing the Power of Business Webs | Don Tapscott, David Ticoll, Alex Lowy|2000
    Digital Darwinism 7 Breakthrough Business Strategies for Surviving in the Cutthroat Web Economy | Evan Schwartz|1999
    The Digital Economy Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence | Don Tapscott|1996
    Digital Literacy | Paul Gilster|1997
    Discontinuous Change Leading Organizational Transformation | David Nadler, Robert Bruce Shaw, Elise Walton|1995
    The E-Commerce Arsenal 12 Technologies You Need to Prevail in the Digital Arena | Alexis Gutzman|2001
    e-policy How to Develop Computer, E-policy, and Internet Guidelines to Protect Your Company and Its Assets | Michael Overly|1999
    E-Profit High Payoff Strategies for Capturing the E-Commerce Edge | Peter Cohan|2000
    e-service 24 ways to keep your customers?when the competition is just a click away | Ron Zemke, Tom Connellan|2000
    The eBay Phenomenon Business Secrets behind the World's Hottest Internet Company | David Bunnell|2000
    eBrands Building an Internet Business at Breakneck Speed | Phil Carpenter|2000
    The Electronic B@zaar From the Silk Road to the eRoad | Robin Bloor|2000
    Electronic Selling 23 Steps to E-Selling Profits | Emiko Banfield, Josh Gold, Warren Jamison|1997
    The Evolution of Wired Life From the Alphabet to the Soul-Catcher Chip?How Information Technologies Change Our World | Charles Jonscher|1999
    The Experience Economy Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage | Joseph Pine, James Gilmore|1999
    From Third World to World Class The Future of Emerging Markets in the Global Economy | Peter Marber|1998
    Growing Up Digital The Rise of the Net Generation | Don Tapscott|1998
    High Noon The Inside Story of Scott McNealy and the Rise of Sun Microsystems | Karen Southwick|1999
    How to Think Like the World's Greatest High-Tech Titans | Erika Brown|2000
    How the Web Was Won | Cerise Vablais, Tony Leininger|1998
    The Hundredth Window Protecting Your Privacy and Security in the Age of the Internet | Charles Jennings, Lori Fena|2000
    Information Rules A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy | Carl Shapiro, Hal Varian|1998
    The Interactive Marketplace Business-to-Business Strategies for Delivering Just-in-Time, Mass-Customized Products | Keith Brown|2000
    The Internet Bubble Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks?And What You Need to Know to Avoid the Coming Shakeout | Anthony Perkins, Michael Perkins|1999
    The Internet Strategic Plan A Step-By-Step Guide to Connecting Your Company | Martin Schulman, Rick Smith|1997
    Internet World: Using the Web to Compete in a Global Marketplace | Browning Rockwell|1998
    Leveraging the New Infrastructure How Market Leaders Capitalize on Information Technology | Peter Weill, Marianne Broadbent|1998
    Machine Learning and Data Mining Methods and Applications | Ryszard Michalski, Ivan Bratko, Miroslav Kubat|1998
    Making the Cisco Connection The Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower | David Bunnell, Adam Brate|2000
    Marketing on the Internet Jill Ellsworth, Matthew Ellsworth|1997
    MetaCapitalism The e-Business Revolution and the Design of 21st-Century Companies and Markets | Grady Means, David Schneider|2000
    Net Future The 7 Cybertrends That Will Drive Your Business, Create New Wealth, and Define Your Future | Chuck Martin|1999
    Net Gain Expanding Markets through Virtual Communities | John Hagel, Arthur Armstrong|1997
    Net Profit How to Invest and Compete in the Real World of Internet Business | Peter Cohan|1999
    Net Worth Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules | John Hagel, Marc Singer|1999
    The New Renaissance Computers and the Next Level of Civilization | Douglas Robertson|1998
    Opening Digital Markets Battle Plans and Business Strategies for Internet Commerce | Walid Mougayar|1998
    Overcoming High-Tech Anxiety Thriving in a Wired World | Beverly Goldberg|1999
    Permission Marketing Turning Strangers into Friends, and Friends into Customers | Seth Godin|1999
    Politics on the Nets Wiring the Political Process | Wayne Rash|1997
    Publicity on the Internet Creating Successful Publicity Campaigns on the Internet and the Commercial Online Services | Steve O'Keefe|1997
    Selling on the Net The Complete Guide | Herschell Gordon Lewis, Robert Lewis|1997
    Silicon Gold Rush The Next Generation of High-Tech Stars Rewrites the Rules of Business | Karen Southwick|1999
    Smart Things to Know About E-Commerce | Mike Cunningham|2000
    The State of the Net The New Frontier | Peter Clemente|1998
    Technology, Organization, and Competitiveness Perspectives on Industrial and Corporate Change | Giovanni Dosi, David Teece, Josef Chytry|1998
    Time to Take Control The Impact of Change on Corporate Computer Systems | Tony Johnson|1997
    Trade IPOs Online | Matthew Zito, Matt Olejarczyk|2000
    Webonomics Nine Essential Principles for Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web | Evan Schwartz|1997
    The Weightless World Thriving in the Digital Age | Diane Coyle|1999
    Wharton on Managing Emerging Technologies | George Day, Paul Schoemaker|2000
    When Good Companies Do Bad Things Responsibility and Risk in an Age of Globalization | Peter Schwartz, Blair Gibb|1999
    XML and SOAP Programming for BizTalk Servers | Brian Travis|2000

    The Internet Economy
    Book Extract Suites
    Each Suite contains extracts from 3 to 10 books focused on a single business concept

  • Business Strategies for a Digital Economy
    • Developing an E-business Strategy John Dunleavy, John Sifonis, Martin Deise, Conrad Nowikow, Patrick King, Amy Wright, with John Kador, with Pat House, Kenneth Hartley, James Hurley, Thomas Siebel, Amir Hartman, Grant Norris, Timothy Galpin
    • Managing an E-commerce Initiative Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Philipp Gerbert, Alex Birch, Charles Trepper, Peter Cohan, Dirk Schneider
    • Strategies for a Networked Economy Don Tapscott, James Moore, Gary Hamel, Charles Savage, Joseph Pine, John Conlon, Melissa Giovagnoli, William Halal, Christopher Meyer, Stan Davis, Robert Aubrey, Paul Cohen, Liam Fahey, Yves Doz
    • Leveraging the Internet Carl Shapiro, Hal Varian, Don Tapscott, Anita Rosen, Charles Savage, Richard Gascoyne, Koray Ozcubukcu, Chuck Martin, Peter Clemente, James Martin, Walid Mougayar, Kate Maddox, Dana Blankenhorn, Jim Sterne, James Best
  • Web-Based Marketing, Sales & Services
    • On-line Branding Laura Ries, Philipp Gerbert, Evan Schwartz, Alex Birch, Charles Trepper, Agnieszka Winkler, Chuck Martin, Al Ries, Dirk Schneider
    • Site Stickiness Pauline Bickerton, Matthew Bickerton, Kate Simpson-Holley, Jill Ellsworth, Matthew Ellsworth, Tom Connellan, Evan Schwartz, with Pat House, Charles Trepper, Ron Zemke, Thomas Siebel
    • Selling on the Web Josh Gold, Warren Jamison, Hersch Wilson, Philipp Gerbert, Evan Schwartz, Larry Wilson, with Pat House, Alex Birch, Emiko Banfield, Thomas Siebel, Dirk Schneider, Martin Schulman, Rick Smith
  • Converging & Restructuring Industries
    • Re-thinking Your Industry Michael Cusumano, David Yoffie, Robert Slater, Philip Evans, Thomas Hargraves, Edward Wakin, Walter Swap, James Cortada, Janet Lowe, Peter Cohan, Jeremy Hope, Tony Hope, Thomas Wurster, Dorothy Leonard
  • Communities, Ecosystems & Partnering
    • Global Ecosystems Marshall Goldsmith, Don Tapscott, Regis McKenna, Jean-Pierre Jeannet, Richard Schubert, David Skyrme, Richard Gascoyne, Koray Ozcubukcu, Alex Lowy, David Ticoll, Richard Beckhard, Verna Allee, Frances Hesselbein
    • Partnering in Bits and Bytes Peter Weill, Marianne Broadbent, Larry Downes, Chunka Mui, Don Tapscott, Jay Galbraith, John Conlon, Melissa Giovagnoli, Peter Cohan, Jeremy Hope, Tony Hope
    • Alliances & Innovation Larry Downes, Chunka Mui, Jay Galbraith, James Moore, Gary Hamel, John Conlon, Melissa Giovagnoli, Peter Cohan, Mitchell Lee Marks, Philip Mirvis, Prahalad, Dorothy Leonard
  • Digital Society & Culture
    • Internet Culture Shel Holtz, Don Tapscott, Regis McKenna, Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Jack Nilles, Paul Gilster, Andrew Shapiro, Peter Clemente
    • Information Behavior & Culture Thomas Davenport, Geoffrey James, Edgar Schein, Chuck Martin, Daniel Tobin, James Martin, James McGee, Laurence Prusak
    • Mixing Machines and People Successfully Howard Sherman, Ron Schultz, Henk Volberda, Regis McKenna, Jerry Hirshberg, Chip Bell, Charles Savage, Gareth Morgan, Thomas Davenport, Mareen Duncan Fisher, Kimball Fisher, James Martin, Robert Kriegel, David Brandt
  • Security, Privacy & Ethics
    • Privacy and Marketing Philip Evans, Jonathan Ezor, Robbin Zeff, Brad Aronson, Andrew Shapiro, John Hagel, Evan Schwartz, Marc Singer, Thomas Wurster
    • E-commerce Security Mary Cronin, Peter Cohan, James Martin, Kate Maddox, Dana Blankenhorn, Julie Bort, Bradley Felix
  • Law & Intellectual Property
    • Patent and Copyright Law Evolution Michael Overly, Vijay Jolly, Jonathan Ezor, Paul Duguid, Jill Ellsworth, Matthew Ellsworth, Andrew Shapiro, Browning Rockwell, John Seely Brown, Max Boisot
  • Global Markets in a Borderless World
    • Global Partnerships Kenichi Ohmae, Rene Tissen, Daniel Andriessen, Frank Lekanne Deprez, Martin Deise, Conrad Nowikow, Patrick King, Amy Wright, John Harbison, Peter Pekar, with Pat House, Browning Rockwell, Thomas Siebel
    • Technology: New Global Railroad Larry Downes, Chunka Mui, Don Tapscott, Nitin Nohria, Sumantra Ghoshal, Christopher Bartlett, Chuck Martin, Peter Clemente, Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, John Kamauff, Dave Ulrich
  • Science & Discovery
    • Research and Development Rosabeth Kanter, John Buckley, Peter Boer, Sharon Oster, Michael Murphy, Dan Dimancescu, Kemp Dwenger, Fred Wiersema, John Kao, Jim Matheson, David Matheson
    • Technological Innovation Charles O'Reilly, Allan Afuah, Michael Tushman, David Thielen, Karen Southwick, Robert Bruner, Mark Eaker, Edward Freeman, Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, Thomas Davenport, James Brian Quinn, Robert Spekman, Jordan Baruch, Karen Anne Zien
  • See additional works by: Edgar Schein, Thomas Davenport, Chuck Martin, Daniel Tobin, James McGee, Geoffrey James, James Martin, Information Behavior & Culture

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